Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Mr. Carmack - Solutions feat. Donnis (15'), Announces New EP Titled ‘RED’

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Mr. Carmack blessed us with a new track titled ‘Solutions’ that features Atlanta artist Donnis, who previously worked with Aaron on ‘Hour 3’ last year. This is why Mr. Carmack is untouchable and everyone keeps sounding the same on SoundCloud, just check out your followers, there is always this one dude who goes with that #carmackgenre, but there is only one Mr. Carmack.

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Just listen to the Intro itself, it sounds like some ‘Angels have been free’d from Hell’ type Alien shyt. Aaron also revealed that his new EP will be called ‘RED’ and it’ll be released this month, make sure to check out the tune below If you haven’t already.

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