Saturday, 1 August 2015

Image Hosted by It's been almost two years since I've started this site dedicated to Aaron Carmack aka Mr. Carmack. Now looking back to the days when I started blogging, I've never really thought I would even work nor even talk to Aaron, but last year in September, Aaron contacted me and asked if I would like to work for his Official Site and ofcourse I said hell fucking yeah, and two days ago, the Official Site finally launched with the release of his Red EP. This will be my last post on this wonderful blog and will keep working on the Official Site for now on, so go ahead and jump to and Bookmark it. Just wanted to say, thank you for all the 75 thousand clicks and all the love y'all been giving me all this years, see you on the other side! Art is never finished, only abandoned!



Branko - Let Me Go feat. Nonku Phiri & Mr. Carmack (15')

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After Aaron’s visit to South Africa to play a festival in February of this year, he collaborated with Buraka Som Sistema’s Branko and Nonku Phiri at the Red Bull studio and this is the result. Make sure to copy it on iTunes. Anyone know the language she is speaking?

Kehlani - Jealous feat. Lexii Alijai (Mr. Carnack Remix) (15')

Image Hosted by After collaborating with Kehlani on the tune ‘All In’, Aaron also remixed her tune ‘Jealous’, that also features Lexii Alijai on it, you can check out the remix and the original below.

Mr. Carmack & Falcons - Untitled (15’)

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Here is a leftover from the Falcons Session a couple months ago from the Red Bull BC Soundtrack premiered on Club Rituals 2 Mixtape, check it out below.

Mr. Carmack & Falcons - Untitled (15')

Team Supreme Vol. 130 With Mr. Carmack Samples

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Here is the Team Supreme Vol. 130 with some rare samples recorded by Mr. Carmack.

Kehlani & Mr. Carmack

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Photo by GL Askew II.

Mr. Carmack, B. Bravo & Teeko

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Sango & Mr. Carmack

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Sweater Beats & Mr. Carmack

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Flume & Mr. Carmack

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