Saturday, 31 May 2014

J-Trick & Taco Cat - Jumanji feat. Feral Is Kinky (Mr. Carmack Remix) (13')

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Cutting through the masses of young electronic music producers like a knife through butter, J-Trick has quickly risen to the top with a consistent flow of quality original productions and remixes. Don’t take our word for it though, with a support base that includes Afrojack, Chuckie, Fatboy Slim, Diplo, Crookers, Laidback Luke, Dillon Francis, to name a few it is very apparent that this young gun has got the skills. Mr. Carmack remixed the tune last year, and leaked it formerly tagged as ‘S’ and made an AmazinTrap Remix off the tune with vocals by ‘Feral Is Kinky’, check out Jumanji's Original and the Mr. Carmack remix below.

J-Trick & Taco Cat - Jumanji feat. Feral Is Kinky (Mr. Carmack Remix) (13') J-Trick & Taco Cat - Jumanji feat. Feral Is Kinky (13') *

Mr. Carmack x Boiler Room London (2014)

“One of the most explosive producers Carmack is up rn, where you at? Boiler Roooooommmmm!”


Friday, 30 May 2014

Deadmau5 - Strobe (Mr. Carmack Remix) (13')

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A Year ago Mr. Carmack remixed ‘Strobe’ with adding his Sound Of Tomorrow touch to it by the Canadian progressive-house music producer Joel Thomas Zimmerman, better known by his stage name Deadmau5, and made a complete different tune of it. 'Strobe' is from Deadmau5’s fourth studio album ‘For Lack Of A Better Name’, and was released as the second single in 2010. The song originated from a track titled ‘Then We Stood Still’, which was said to have been made in 2006, check out both tunes below.

Deadmau5 - Strobe (Mr. Carmack Remix) (13') Deadmau5 – Strobe (13')

Thursday, 29 May 2014

Mr. Carmack - Paris Brought The Energy (14')

Here is a new tune by Mr. Carmack, that he previewed last night in Paris At the La Bellevilloise in France, and the crowd is just amazing, check it out below.

Mr. Carmack - Paris Brought The Energy (14') Mr. Carmack - Simpler (14') Dimebag is now available on Bandcamp.

Mr. Carmack - Death (13') Mr. Carmack - Pay (For What) (13') *

Airport Piano x Mr. Carmack


ESTA., Mr. Carmack, Joe Kay & The Whooligan

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Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Da-P - Dark Hadou (Mr. Carmack Remix) (SubxChronic Future C&S Edit) (14')

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Austin, Texas producer SubxChronic made a pretty nice Edit to Da-P’s Dark Hadou Mr. Carmack Remix’, check it out below, and make sure to follow him on Soundcloud.

Da-P - Dark Hadou (Mr. Carmack Remix) (SubxChronic Future C&S Edit) (14') Da-P - Dark Hadou (Mr. Carmack Remix) (14') Da-P - Dark Hadou (14')


Mr. Carmack & Co. In Paris

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Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Brandy - I Wanna Be Down (Mr. Carmack Remix) (13')

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I’m sure most of you guys heard the Brandy ‘I Wanna Be Down’  Remix of Mr. Carmack’s ‘3 Years Back’ tune from his Melodies, Vol. 1 Album from 2011, but Aaron didn’t quite finished the tune, which sounded very rough, well I’ve decided to throw the tune in my Acid Monsta and to finish it, here is the result, btw, that remix is not official, so you can put that tune in the ‘Related Folder’ as not a Mr. Carmack produced tune, cuz it already released on Melodies Vol. 1 in 2011.

Brandy - I Wanna Be Down (Mr. Carmack Remix) (13') Mr. Carmack - 3 Years Back (Original Mix) (11') *

Monday, 26 May 2014

Mr. Carmack - Headshot (14')

“Listening Session in Berlin w/ @therealiamnobodi, @beatsbyesta & @mr_carmack

Mr. Carmack - Headshot (14') *

Mr. Carmack & Co. At The Soulection European Tour (Update)

Image Hosted by Image Hosted by *

ÂGO - ÂGO (Rvdical The Kid Remix) (14')

Image Hosted by Soft Focus Radio Show 19 had Flow-Fi as their guest, where they played an unreleased Rvdical The Kid Remix of Carmack & Sango’s ‘ÂGO’ tune, it’s pretty dope, check it out below. Rvdical The Kid is a producer from Baltimore, MD who keeps on surprising us with each track he releases.

We first heard of him when he stopped by Indigo Studios for a DMV production showcase held there called INDI≠BEAT. Since then he has been featured on Soulection Radio, SxSW mixes, and all over many blogs, check him out on Soundcloud.

ÂGO - ÂGO (Rvdical The Kid Remix) (14') ÂGO - ÂGO (Instrumental) (Mr. Carmack, Sango) (14') Soft Focus Radio Show 19 With Flow-Fi (2014)


Mr. Carmack - Les Djinns (14')

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As he promised, here is the Drake sample he was talking about a month ago, that he'll release, and it's been almost 6 Months since Aaron released something official on his bandcamp, and I think we might get something soon, anyways peep the new tune below and the message Aaron wrote. “don't mean to demean, if you didn't notice: all over the world, about 60 of my musician/instrumentalist/dj friends are winning right now in their own respective lanes and fields. the sound should reach you live, soon!”

Mr. Carmack - Les Djinns (14')

Mr. Carmack - Hehe feat. UZ (14')

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I wouldn’t think Mr. Carmack would release more tunes this month, but he released a sneak peak of the tune, that he did with the Trap Crew ‘UZ’ on the tune ‘Hehe’, sounds very promising, check it out below. "ran into uz at a studio one day, so we made some trap"

Mr. Carmack - Hehe feat. UZ (14')

Mr. Carmack - File 444 feat. B. Bravo, Jairo & Mike P

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Earlier this week, Mr. Carmack gave us a preview on his Instagram Page of a very Funky collaboration, which is with Jairo, B. Bravo and Mike Parvizi. This is something you wouldn’t never expect of Carmack, but on the other hand, this is exactly what you’d expext from Carmack, a dopeass funky tune right there mixed with the Sound Of Tomorrow, check out the tune below.

Mr. Carmack - File 444 feat. B. Bravo, Jairo, Mike P (14')

Mr. Carmack - Carry On (14')

Image Hosted by Carmack was last week at the Soulection HQ, where he played some Unreleased Muzika, including this beast right here, check out the preview above.

Mr. Carmack - Carry On (14')


Soulection 100K Compilation

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“Thank you to everyone who has supported us over the past 3 years. It's amazing how much the sound has progressed in a short time. Imagine if we could get all 100K+ of you in a stadium? One day. With the help of platforms like Soundcloud & Bandcamp, we have been able to rise into the label, radio show, brand, culture, and platform that we are today.

We are a prime example of what an Internet label/tech start up is. Without Soundcloud, Bandcamp, and social media, there is no Soulection. To celebrate reaching such a milestone of 100K on Soundcloud, we asked our whole roster to submit a track to give back to you. Here we are! Tell your friends and family about this FREE RELEASE. It's really about The Sound of Tomorrow.


Artwork by Andre Power & Julius Tanag.
Compiled & Executive Produced by Joe Kay.

Soulection European Tour Day One ~ Moments In Berlin

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Berlin At St. Georg, Germany


DJ Qbert Plays Mr. Carmack’s ‘Roller (New Look)’ Live At F8, San Francisco, US

Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Mr. Carmack - Till It's Over (09')

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I think this will be the last tune from Mr. Carmack this month, cuz I don’t believe he’ll upload more tracks, since he gave us Four Tracks in one day, which is pretty amazing, and while I’m writing this, he’s got almost 100.000 followers on his Soundcloud Page, which is amazing, compared to the number of followers he's had when I found out about him, which was like 7000, anyways, this tune is pretty new compared to the other uploads, which we’ve heard before and Aaron also revealed that he did the tune in 2009. It’s called ‘Till It's Over’, check it out below, its pretty smooth.

Mr. Carmack - Till It's Over (09')

Mr. Carmack - Beautiful Transformation (Dearly Beloved) (Instrumental) (12')

Image Hosted by Mr. Carmack just released the Instrumental to his ‘Beautiful Transformation (Dearly Beloved)’ tune from 2012’s Vibes, Vol. 2’ that features rapper Sunni Colón on it. Mr. Carmack sampled the french composer Gabriel Fauré's tune 'Pavane' written in 1887, check out both versions below.

Mr. Carmack - Beautiful Transformation (Dearly Beloved) (Instrumental) (12') Mr. Carmack - Beautiful Transformation (Dearly Beloved) feat. Sunni Colón (12')

Monday, 12 May 2014

ÂGO - ÂGO (Instrumental) (Mr. Carmack, Sango) (14')

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The wait is over, here is the Instrumental to ÂGO's tune titled 'ÂGO' featuring Waldo & Joose produced by Soulection Members Sango and Mr. Carmack. The original tune is from ÂGO’s mixtape ‘Tuebor’, that released this March. Translated from latin it means “in defense of”. Straight Outta West Michigan’s capital Grand Rapids ÂGO’s musical interpretation of “Tuebor” is not only about defending and preserving what is yours personally, but what it is to be a mitten dweller as well.

What better way to collectively express these ideas that with a collective rap outfit, get familiar with the ÂGO crew now. Amos Rose, Joose, The SEVENth, Soulection Members Waldo & Sango. With state pride stamped on their rocket packs the trip ÂGO has embarked on has a final destination in the cosmos. Tuebor is about defending and preserving what is yours. It's about representing the Michigan culture in the best way. It's also about Grand Rapids, Michigan's ÂGO and the stories that they tell, check out both tunes below.

ÂGO - ÂGO (Instrumental) (Mr. Carmack, Sango) (14')

ÂGO - ÂGO feat Waldo Joose (Mr. Carmack, Sango) (14')

Evil Needle - Intrepidity feat. Mr. Carmack (Alternate Version) (14')

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Mr. Carmack
just blessed us with an Alternate Version of the tune Intrepidity, that he Co-Produced with the Soulection Member Evil Needle last year. The tune came out originally back in April 2013 on Evil Needle’s Qualia’Album, but Aaron just leaked the Alternate Version of it, fucking amazing, that’s all I can say, check out both versions below.

Evil Needle - Intrepidity feat. Mr. Carmack (Alternate Version) (13') Evil Needle - Intrepidity feat. Mr. Carmack (13')


Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Mr. Carmack & ESTA. - Géometrik (14')

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Here is finally the ‘Géometrik’ tune, a collaboration between both Soulection/TeamSupreme Members, Mr. Carmack and ESTA. We’ve had that tune for a while, but only a Radio Rip from Joe Kay’s Soulection Radio Show and we get to hear the full now finally, I also added the other tune with Mr. Carmack and ESTA. check out the tunes below

Mr. Carmack & ESTA. - Smooth Shit (13')

Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Monday, 5 May 2014

Mr. Carmack & Soulection’s ‘Sound Of Tomorrow’ European Tour Dates

Image Hosted by Following from a recent Japan tour the collective is now headed to Europe for a tour taking in Nine Countries, including a Boiler Room date in London. The tour features founder Joe Kay, The Whooligan and two of their most popular artists, Mr. Carmack and ESTA. Each date will also feature local talents affiliated with the label including Germany’s IAMNOBODI, Holland’s jarreau vandal, London’s Faith and Manchester’s Sivey, check out the dates below. Image Hosted by

- 23rd - Berlin At St. Georg (Germany) (Added New)
- 24th – Vienna At Cafe Leopold (Austria) (Added New)
- 28th – Paris At La Bellevilloise (France) (Added New)
- 29th – Boiler Room London At Tipsy (UK) (Added New)
- 30th – London At The Nest (UK) (Added New)
- 31th – Brussels At  Bazaar Basement (Belgium) (Added New)
- 1st – Amsterdam At Canvas On 7th (The Netherlands) (Added New)
- 3rd – Stockholm At Lydmar (Sweden) (Added New)
- 6th – Budapest At Larm (Hungary) (Added New)
- 7th  – Warsaw At Palace Of Culture & Science (Poland) (Added New)
- 8th - Amsterdam Open Air (The Netherlands)

- 3rd - Hard Summer Fest (US)
- 22nd - Denver, CO - Fiddler’s Green Amphitheater (US)


Mr. Carmack - The Team Supreme Beats (2013)

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In 2011 on a balmy So Cal evening, Alpha Pup artists Preston Walker (of Virtual Boy) and Great Dane challenged each other to a game: produce a one-minute beat in one hour using a set BPM and sample from the Notorious B.I.G. Sixty minutes later two new tracks were created, and TeamSupreme was born. Image Hosted by Combining playtime and practice, the idea of TeamSupreme soon spread across the flat, freeway-laden land of LA, with producers clamoring to get in on the action and be a part of the exciting beat experiment. Uniting artists from not only LA but also New York, Colorado and Hawaii, TeamSupreme evolved organically into a weekly beat challenge. Image Hosted by
Every Monday one of the participating artists picks a BPM and two samples, one transition sound and one remix. With the original time constraints relaxed, the producers must then create a one-minute track in one week, the results of which are merged into a weekly podcast and played out in a monthly event. Not to long ago, Mr. Carmack also participated in the Beat Cypher, who is also a member of the Team Supreme Roster, where he released some of his finest beats weekly on Soundcloud. I’ve managed to gather all tunes he has released in the Installment, you can check them out below, and how amazing is that House tune on 'TS 56'.
Mr. Carmack - The Team Supreme Beats (2013)
  1. Mr. Carmack - TS 25
  2. Mr. Carmack - TS 37
  3. Mr. Carmack - Shroomeries (TS 41)
  4. Mr. Carmack & Djemba Djemba - TS 43
  5. Mr. Carmack - TS 44
  6. Mr. Carmack - Beggin' Strips (TS 45)
  7. Mr. Carmack - TS 46
  8. Mr. Carmack - TS 48
  9. Mr. Carmack & TK Kayembe - TS 51
  10. Mr. Carmack - 4AM (TS 52)
  11. Mr. Carmack - TS 56

Total Size: 46.13MB

Mr. Carmack - Roller (New Look) (Remixes) (2013)

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The Team Supreme Roster gathered together last year to Remix Mr. Carmacks’ ‘Roller (New Look’ song provided by Mr. Carmack himself on the Team Supreme Beat Cypher Volume 61. I’ve mnaged to separate all Remixes from the release, they're all pretty insane, you can get them below.

Mr. Carmack - Roller (New Look) (Fan Video) (2013) Mr. Carmack - Roller (New Look) (Remixes) (2013)

  1. Mr. Carmack - Roller (New Look) (Main)
  2. Mr. Carmack - Roller (New Look) (Curl Up Remix)
  3. Mr. Carmack - Roller (New Look) (Awe Remix)
  4. Mr. Carmack - Roller (New Look) (DJ Pound Remix)
  5. Mr. Carmack - Roller (New Look) (Midnight Smack Remix)
  6. Mr. Carmack - Roller (New Look) (Tk Kayembe Remix)
  7. Mr. Carmack - Roller (New Look) (Colta Remix)
  8. Mr. Carmack - Roller (New Look) (Lindsay Lowend Remix)
  9. Mr. Carmack - Roller (New Look) (Ruff Draft Remix)
  10. Mr. Carmack - Roller (New Look) (JNTHN STEIN Remix)
  11. Mr. Carmack - Roller (New Look) (Snorlax Remix)
  12. Mr. Carmack - Roller (New Look) (Great Dane Remix)
  13. Mr. Carmack - Roller (New Look) (Mike Gao Remix)
  14. Mr. Carmack - Roller (New Look) (Nutrik Remix)
  15. Mr. Carmack - Roller (New Look) (Nalepa Remix)
  16. Mr. Carmack - Roller (New Look) (Dot Remix)
  17. Mr. Carmack - Roller (New Look) (Grmnrvlls Remix)
  18. Mr. Carmack - Roller (New Look) (Complete Mix)


Mr. Carmack - Pay (For What) (LDN Remix) (14')

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Check out this dope Remix by LDN remixing Mr. Carmack’s Pay (For What)’s Classic, check it out below.

Friday, 2 May 2014

Da-P - Dark Hadou (Original & Mr. Carmack Remix)

Image Hosted by Hailing all the way from Montreal, Canada, Da-P is the latest addition to the Soulection Roster. He released an Official White Label Series on Soundcloud through Soulection at the end of 2013 with the tune ‘Dark Hadou’, which Mr. Carmack remixed in his own fashioned way, peep the Original and the Remix below If you haven’t yet.

Da-P - Dark Hadou (13’)

Da-P - Dark Hadou (Mr. Carmack Remix) (14')

Mr. Carmack To Perform At Hard Summer Fest On August 3rd

Image Hosted by Whittier Narrows Recreation Area, Los Angeles County, CA, 2 Days, 5 Stages, 18+.


Mr. Carmack & Ta-Ku

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Mad Decent 2014 SXSW Showcase With Mr. Carmack & Co.

Mad Decent returned to SXSW this year as part of Austin Party Weekend presented by IHEARTCOMIX, Embrace, Biz 3 and Heard! I hope you enjoy this short recap of what went down as one of their best SXSW events to date.